K-12 School Districts: New Customer

K-12 School Districts: New Customer

ICS is pleased to announce that we have brought on another Kentucky document scanning customer from the K-12 Education market. Last week, Hardin County Board of Education approved an RFP to be awarded to ICS as the best evaluated bid for digitizing student records that date back to the early 1900’s. Like many school districts, Hardin County’s needs were to secure older records that currently reside in paper-form from natural disaster.

Since paper is inefficient and extremely susceptible to damage, ICS will help Hardin County’s School system decrease their dependency on paper by utilizing our high speed document scanning services to convert the paper records to electronic images with a quick turnaround. This will provide an additional back-up to the original files in case of disaster and also provide quicker access to the information contained within the records.

This type of project is nothing new for ICS, as we have been working with school districts and higher education since our company was founded in 2004. You can learn more about our document scanning services and K-12 Solutions by visiting our website pages listed below:

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