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Healthcare & Dental Claims Processing

Insurance companies face complex claims processing environments. Documentation comes from a variety of sources, and is rarely in a standard format. Making sure the documents are appropriately classified and attached to the right part of the claims process can be quite difficult.

Regardless of whether it is a healthcare or dental claim, managing these processes efficiently can be the difference between profit and loss, or, more importantly, a happy or unhappy customer.


ICS understands theses processes, and the importance they play in both managing costs and providing good service to the customer. We have helped central Kentucky insurance companies manage these processes more efficiently by taking advantage of scanning technologies. Whether we perform the work or implement the technologies that improve information availability, we can help you streamline processes and cut costs. The end result is a more efficient process with better information availability that eventually results in a happier customer and claims that can be processed more efficiently.


Contact us to learn more about how we have helped traditional healthcare, as well as dental insurance companies streamline their claims processing activities.

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