Legacy Record Scanning

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Legacy Record Scanning

Growing legacy paper records can present a problem for any company as policies and procedures require them to keep the information for extended periods of time. Not to mention the paper continues to take up more of your valuable square footage, while also placing an unwanted burden on employees struggling to find the vital information they need.

Let ICS help you develop a plan to attack your paper and turn your cumbersome filing cabinets or boxes into searchable and easy to manage digital assets.


ICS will meet with you and your team to develop a scanning schedule as well as determine the requirements surrounding your different document types. ICS can easily accommodate special indexing or export requests for individual document types. Our goal is to work with our customers to transform your unwanted paper into information that is easily searchable and beneficial to your organization.

Legacy Record Scanning Benefits

Document Preservation

Preserve sensitive or historical documents.

Clear Space

Create additional work space by archiving old documents.


Gain efficiency in time savings and productivity searching for information.

Large Volumes

Ability to handle large volume scanning & indexing.

Custom Schedule

Customized scanning schedule to meet your needs.

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