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OpenText Intelligent Capture (Captiva)

Industry-leading intelligent enterprise capture solutions.

Intelligent enterprise capture software that does more than capture and transform your paper documents into application-ready information. It helps you lower costs, minimize risk, and connects the information required to get your job done.

Intelligent capture automates content ingestion, speeding up the routing of information to the right users and system in the organization. It provides an entry point for intelligent process automation (IPA) by removing unnecessary steps from users. Combining standard capture features, such as optical character recognition (OCR), with powerful machine learning, capture extracts information from content and automatically routes it to the right user and right lead system.

Capture Anything from Anywhere

Unlike traditional back-office capture systems, today's enterprises require the ability to capture documents throughout the enterprise, both from knowledge workers and in dedicated mailroom environments.

Intelligently Connect Documents

Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture automatically connects content from documents with your business systems. Automated classification and data extraction tools transform documents into ready-to-process business data, saving money and increasing accuracy.

Deliver Enterprise Capabilities

Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture isn't just for large enterprises. It's simple enough for smaller departments to implement quickly but robust enough to roll out across multiple departments and scale to support large, business-critical applications.

Software Package

OpenText Captiva delivers a complete range of Intelligent Enterprise Capture solutions to capture and transform documents into business information.

Captiva Intelligent Capture

Automate the capture of paper and electronic documents with intelligent capture for the enterprise.

OpenText Advanced Recognition

Automate document recognition and data capture using character recognition intelligence for document identification.

OpenText Web Client

Enable web-based remote document and data capture that can be seamlessly integrated into enterprise content management systems, business applications, and back office processes.

OpenText Intelligent Capture eInput

Benefit from remote, web-based document scanning, document capture, and document imaging throughout the enterprise and beyond.

OpenText Invoice Capture

Employ automatic invoice capture and processing to recognize, validate, and export invoice data to financial business systems.

OpenText QuickScan Pro

Utilize desktop scanning for automated document management.

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