Attended Client Manager (ACM)

A User-Friendly Front-End Interface for Intelligent Capture

Attended Client Manager (ACM)

A user-friendly front-end interface for Intelligent Capture.

Many Intelligent Capture Customers realize that navigating through Administration Console can be a bit challenging, and if they have multiple jobs or processes to review this task becomes even more daunting. ICS has recognized this issue and has created a simplified new front-end interface, Attended Client Manager (ACM), to launch queues.


ACM is designed as a single interactive dashboard, displaying all manual processes, giving the end user a total number of tasks available for each manual process. At a single glance, the operator can see where the heaviest volumes reside or where a potential backlog may exist. Combined with the dashboard information, ACM allows the operator to easily launch a selected task. Additionally, ACM combined with the ICS CapReport module will provide users the ability to track session time per operator for each individual process or que. This allows for valuable reporting on operator time and statistics.

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