K-12 Education

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K-12 Education

Local school districts continue to find ways to do more with less. While most have already made the obvious cuts, typically, there are more areas where schools can reduce costs without sacrificing important student programs.

Document management solutions represent the next wave of efficiency. By eliminating the paper, not only does a school district save money on records storage, photocopiers and paper, it also enables the administrative staff to become more efficient, by allowing them to gain access to critical student and administrative information faster. Administrative staff will then spend less time looking for information and more time finding ways to use that information to make better decisions.


As a leading provider of document management solutions, ICS has helped a number of leading primary educational districts save money. Our scanning solutions can be delivered onsite or at our facilities, and can provide instant access to the following information:


  • Student transcripts and health files
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
  • Personnel files
  • Building and campus maintenance activities
  • Community concerns about the schools
  • Grant and achievement activities


Let us show you how document management can help you improve your responsiveness to the community at a lower cost.

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