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The ability to effectively communicate though outbound mail is imperative to providing the level of service and experience your customers have come to expect. However, the capacity to manage the staffing and consumables, along with increasing equipment costs has created a management nightmare for organizations across the country.


ICS has almost two decades of experience in helping our customers streamline their mailroom and printing needs, gaining efficiency and cost savings by leveraging our Business Process Outsourcing services. Whether you are mailing a few pages in a standard #10 envelope, large quantities in a 9×12 envelope, or bulk mailing in flats or boxes ICS has a solution that can handle your needs.


ICS works extensively with our clients to provide the most efficient and secure outbound mailing service that is tailored to their specific needs and document types. Through our incorporation of industry leading Pitney Bowes technology, automated software, robust reporting, and tracking we provide seamless outbound mailing services that act as an extension of your daily operations.

The Benefits of ICS Print and Mail Services

Reduced Capital Expenditure

No need to purchase and maintain large, sophisticated pieces of equipment.

Improved Cost Management

Scalable service with easily predictable cost structure. Vast savings on materials and labor.

Increased Staff Production

Allow your team to focus on what they do best, serving your customers.

Mailing Integrity

Utilizing our file-based processing, ICS assures that every page of each piece of mail is inserted into the correct envelope and addressed to the correct recipient.


All mail is processed in a SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant facility with trained staff who have the proper security clearances to handle sensitive information.

An Experienced Partner

ICS has almost two decades of experience in helping our customers streamline their mailroom and printing needs, gaining efficiency and cost savings.

The Process

Document Creation

ICS works with each individual client to design a customized process flow for streamlined document receipt and/or creation. ICS employs industry leading Riso printing equipment to meet our customer’s commercial level printing needs. ICS will develop print jobs for each customer based on the type and volume of documents and pages that need to be printed and mailed.

Document Folding and Inserting

ICS has incorporated top of the line Pitney Bowes equipment into our mailroom to fold and insert documents into the correct envelope efficiently and accurately. With file-based processing each image of your outbound transaction is barcoded and verified by the system ensuring that every page is placed in the correct envelope every time. Never worry about the wrong mail being sent to the wrong address.

Postage Application

With our automated postage application process ICS is able to efficiently apply the correct postage to each envelope, flat, or box that leaves our facility while reducing postage costs for our customers. The digital mailing systems allows ICS to easily track all postage costs by customer or even line of business, ensuring accurate reporting back to the customer.

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