State Department of Revenue

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State Department of Revenue

State departments of revenue handle thousands of documents every day. These can include contracts, invoices, tax documentation and RFP responses. In environments where a robust document management solution does not exist, each document must go through a complex, manual process in order to be classified. This includes opening, routing, getting approvals and usually very complex exception handling. These processes must be staffed by people, and issues resolved through meetings. There is no guarantee the document will be processed, or have a confirmed delivery cycle.

ICS uses technology to speed this process and remove excessive costs. We implement systems that scan the document, provide automatic classification, and route the document to the right department for processing. Once within the workflow, the solution can automatically issue processing reminders to people that have not taken appropriate action on the document, ensuring process accountability. In some cases, many of the classification, retention and management issues can be completed automatically, enabling the department to be more efficient.


Our experience with the digital mailroom positions ICS as a leader in this service. Whether you do it in house with our system, or have our team process these documents, you can be rest assured that it will be done right the first time. The end result is that we can save you thousands in costs and make your processes more efficient.

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