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Your Document Scanning Outsource Partner

ICS has a highly-trained management staff who has been helping organizations tackle their growing paper problem for over two decades. With our secure facility, trained staff, and top of the line scanning equipment we can help you realize the benefits of a paperless office without having any of the upfront costs.

Your paper documents are important to your organization. You know you need to preserve the information they contain, but you can’t find the time or resources to make the digital transformation? ICS is here to help.


As your scanning partner, ICS will take the time to understand the documents you are needing to digitize, and how you would like to store the images so you can easily search and retrieve the content. We can store the images in any file format you require, and also provide a content management solution for secure and efficient storage and retrieval of any file type.

ICS Scanning Benefits

Save Money

No need to purchase equipment or software.

Increased Efficiency

Gain efficiency with no upfront costs.

Digital Office

Turn your office digital without having to use your own labor.

Secure Delivery

Secure box-truck for semi-local transfers and pick ups.

Fast & Efficient

Quick turn around time.


Scalable to meet any need or budget.

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