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On-Shore Data Entry Services

ICS’s data entry services utilize technology, manual keying, and quality assurance to efficiently provide the region’s best data capture service.

As OCR technologies improve both their recognition rates and algorithmic classification capabilities, projects rely less and less upon manual keying activities. But, where manual keying is needed, we scale our team to meet the largest demands, in the millions of documents. Our quality assurance team ensures the data leaving our organization meets your data integrity needs.


Let us show you how our processes, customer service and attention to detail differentiate us in the market, reducing project risk and providing reliable and accurate estimates.

Key Elements of Efficient Data Entry


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data capture technology reduces manual labor to extract information off the page. With built in confidence levels, these technologies have become very good at performing work that used to be manual.

Manual Keying

In some cases, the human eye is the only way to effectively key information from a page.

Quality Assurance

Having a systematic process for confirming that both manual keying and OCR data extraction are doing their jobs properly.

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