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Converting medical records into electronic images differs with every provider. While many organizations (including dental practices) have already deployed some electronic medical records (EMR) systems, each is at a different deployment phase. In some cases, they are dealing with existing patient records, and have not fully deployed an EMR. In other cases, they are in transition during their conversion, and must adapt to both an interim and new environment, where records exist both electronically and in paper.

Considering the new healthcare policies, moving to electronic files becomes a “must have” rather than a “nice to have.”


Having managed these issues for our clients throughout our organization’s history, we are the leading provider of document management services in the area. We have provided custom scanning services that incorporate Onsite scanning, EMR integration,Claims processing, Historical records, and Day forward strategies.


Whether you are a community hospital and want to mitigate risk, or a large healthcare organization using the latest EMR product, we can convert your documents so they are ready for whatever is next.

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