Dental Claims Processing

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Dental Claims Processing

From Paper to EDI: How to Cut Paper Dental Claims Processing for Dental Plans by 50%.

The Challenge


Even with the increasing popularity of EDI submissions, dental plans are still suffering from the stressful, costly, and labor intensive task of processing the high volumes of paper claims they receive.


Many are ill-equipped to administer the automated capture of high volumes of paper claims and x-rays. Yet all plans must process these claims efficiently and cost-effectively – especially considering that you’re in business to serve members, not scan high volumes of paper and radiographs.


Some struggle to handle a full service mailroom so they ship their claims to off-shore companies to scan or provide data entry, but many are becoming increasingly concerned about security and quality when sending member data and information out of the country.


The Paper Claims to EDI Solution


With the help of ICS, dental payers can cut their front-end claims scanning and data extraction costs in half and double productivity while achieving claim accuracy rates of 98%+. We are here to help you make those implementations and empower your front-end, paper-to-EDI process to work for you.


This is achieved in one of three ways:

  • With an OpenText Certified software solution that automatically recognizes and extracts over 90% of ADA form content following scanning and un-touched rates up to 16% (with a cloud option)
  • With outsourcing services where ICS can provide the paper claim and x-ray scanning as well as the data extraction with 24-48 hour turnaround time at off-shore prices
  • A combination of the two – can’t let go of the mailroom? ICS can still provide the same automation, quality and turnaround time from scanned images of your claims by extracting, validating and exporting to 837D


You decide which option is the best fit – click below to learn more about each one or request a dental claims processing assessment if you’re not sure.

In-House Software

ICS Dental Claims Processing software is an automated, high-volume claims form capture and processing solution.


The ICS Dental Claims Processing Cloud Solution provides secure accessibility from any browser and mobile device.

Outsourcing Service

Cut front-end claims scanning & data extraction costs in half & double productivity with claim accuracy rates of 98%+.

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