In-Office Scanning Solution

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In-Office Scanning Solution

Sometimes uncontrollable circumstances or company policies can prevent an organization from being able to send paper documents offsite to be scanned. But that doesn’t remove the need to capture the information and eliminate your paper headaches. ICS has a scanning solution for you as well.

ICS and its trained support team can equip your office or department with the proper combination of scanning equipment, capture and storage software to effectively handle the task at hand.


No matter the size or complexity, ICS will take the time to understand your scanning needs and customize a scanning solution to meet your budget. ICS will provide the proper training for your team to take over scanning operations in your own facility, as well as provide system support going forward should you ever run into any issues.

In-Office Scanning Features

In-Office Solution

Take day forward scanning on yourself in an effective manner.

User Friendly

Capture and index your documents in a user-friendly environment

Cloud or Premise-Based

Cloud or premise-based content management solution.

Easily Transition

Easily transition with ICS provided setup and support.


Job set up and knowledge transfer.

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