Automated Staffing Plan

Effectively Manage Intelligent Capture Labor Resources

Automated Staffing Plan

Give your managers the tools they need to effectively manage their Intelligent Capture labor resources.

How much time do your Intelligent Capture managers spend creating daily or weekly schedules to oversee operators ensuring that they are working in the correct queues? How do you verify which operators perform best in each queue? ICS has developed the Automated Staffing Plan (ASP) to give managers the knowledge they need to manage their team in the most effective way possible and reduce labor costs wherever possible.


ASP is an automated solution that complements Intelligent Capture to automatically give managers the ability to see most efficient use of their operators by placing them in the Intelligent Capture queues that they are most productive in. You will always know which operators to place in each queue to be the most productive you can. ASP provides Intelligent Capture users the ability to gain efficiencies by reducing both labor costs as well as management time spent overseeing queue volumes and available labor resources.

ASP Analytics


  • Provide Intelligent Capture manager with the most efficient use of their operators
  • Automatically place operatores into the queues that each individual is most productive in
  • Gain efficiency by reducing labor costs for data entry operators
  • Reduce management time spent creating schedules, overseeing queues, and labor resources
  • Vastly reduces the amount time previously required to test system changes

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