ICS X-Cap X-Ray Scanning

Efficient & Cost Effective X-Ray Scanning

Efficient & Cost Effective X-Ray Scanning

Take Your X-Ray Capture Process Digital with the New ICS X-Cap Scanning Solution.

X-Cap is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, it sets-up in minutes and instantly captures stunning high-resolution images of your X-Rays. Easily scan, export, and store your radiograph X-Rays images at diagnostic quality for easy submission to Claim Review Management Systems, adjudication systems, or image repositories for quick claim review.

X-Cap is Fast!

Traditional flatbed scanners are slow and hard to use. Capturing a high-resolution image from a standard flatbed backlit scanner can take server minutes to complete. Most of the time you have to work through complicated software to optimize the image or even re-scan until you achieve an acceptable image.


Not with X-Cap. X-Cap is designed with efficiency in mind and digitizes radiograph X-Rays instantly with no moving parts or complicated software – no waiting, no rescanning. The X-Cap software makes digitizing X-Rays a simple user-friendly process, simply place your X-Ray on the scanner, crop, adjust, capture, and export! Our software can be set up to automatically export images in any number of formats and to virtually any Claim Review Management System or image repository needed for storage, such as OpenText’s ApplicationXtender.

Region Adjust

Often times in a set of films there will be a few images where some are light, and some are dark. Traditional scanners and cameras require you to adjust the entire image as one, causing some films to be captured at a poor quality, with poor detail, if they’re even readable at all. X-Cap’s image capture software has the unique ability of providing the user with Region Adjust capabilities not found elsewhere. Easily define and “live adjust” independent areas of the film separately from the rest of the image prior to capture. This feature ensures that all areas of the film are captured at the highest quality possible and optimized for easy dental review processes. Your claim auditors will thank you!

It's Fast!

X-Rays are enhanced, captured, and saved in 8-12 seconds

Works With All Dental Films

Designed to digitize ALL dental films: mounted or individual Intra-orals, TMJs, Pans, Caphs

Convenient Size

X-Cap's offers an 8”x12” imaging area

High Quality

HD Camera producing superior quality images

Instant Capture

X-Cap offers instant crop and capture capabilities

Region Adjust

Easily define and live adjust independent areas of the film separately from the rest of the image prior to capture

Supports Various Media

Scan radiographs, photographs, and paper X-Rays

Easy Setup

X-Cap is easy to setup, featuring a USB 3.0 connection

Quality Construction

X-Cap is a high quality product, built to provide reliable service

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