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Shipping & Receiving

While great strides have been made in logistics information management, there are still documents to be signed, accompanying paperwork for each shipment to be coordinated, and driver logs to be managed. Shipping and trucking organizations continue to face regulatory pressure, which directly impacts overall cost and documentation requirements. The ultra competitive environment dictates that logistics companies consider document management as a means to streamline their operations.

With extensive experience architecting and deploying document management systems, ICS can implement a solution that works in conjunction with your invoicing and operational system. Whether we are scanning the document, or your drivers are imaging them, we can set up a cloud based document management solution that enables documents to be quickly and efficiently uploaded and managed. A cloud solution ensures your drivers don’t have to connect directly to your IT infrastructure, and the documents will be available anytime, anywhere.


Let us show you how a document management solution can streamline your operations.

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