Operator Performance Indicator

Base Throughput Requirement Notifications For Operators

Operator Performance Indicator

Provide real-time feedback to notify operators if they are meeting base throughput requirements.

Performance and efficiency are crucial to the success of any business, not only for the business, but also for the staff performing the service. Without the tools to provide feedback to that staff, they may not truly realize their actual performance and efficiency. ICS has developed the Operator Performance Indicator (OPI), a tool by which operators can know exactly how effective and efficient they are in achieving production levels that will allow them to earn additional incentive pay.


The Operator Performance Indicator from ICS integrates directly with OpenText’s Intelligent Capture software to give operators instant feedback on whether they are above, at, or below stated document per hour base thresholds to earn incentive. OPI visually changes the border of the application screen to easily indicate what percent of base they are achieving for the most recent five minutes of production time. OPI works inside the ICS tool Attended Client Manager (ACM), which is a more user-friendly way to choose which job and queue an operator wants to work in Intelligent Capture. Each job and queue have a unique document per hour base set for achieving Incentive that each operator can earn based on performance. Operators that are performing below base will have a red, orange, or yellow screen border as they pass specified thresholds. Operators that are performing above base will have a green, blue, or purple screen border as they pass specified thresholds.  Given timely feedback on their performance, productivity increases of 15-50% can be seen across the board for all operators, which means more incentive pay for the same amount of time worked.

OPI Benefits


  • Provide real-time feedback to operators of their actual performance
  • Integrates directly with intelligent capture
  • Visually changes the border of application screen to easily indicate how operators are performing
  • Operators understand exactly how efficient they are at achieving production level and earning incentive

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