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ICS Is Your Digital Mailroom Solution

ICS is a leading digital mailroom provider in Kentucky, servicing organizations in Lexington, Louisville, and across the United States.

We differentiate ourselves by providing exceptional service and quality, ensuring your vital information is routed to the proper individuals or departments within your organization quickly. We extract and validate incoming information and distribute to the proper channels, decision makers, or workflows, giving your staff the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. All while eliminating the need for you to maintain a cumbersome and labor intensive mailroom operation.


Digital mailroom services can be applied to the following organizational departments:


  • Accountinginvoice processing
  • Human Resources: job applications, timesheets and other HR related forms
  • Customer Service: surveys, inbound orders, literature requests
  • Supply Chain: certificates of analysis, site surveys and MSDS sheets


Let us show you how you can save money and get information to your staff faster by utilizing our digital mailroom solutions. We help make you more available to focus your resources on serving your customers rather than managing your mail.

ICS Provides These Digitizing & Distributing Services For Your Incoming Mail:

Mail Receipt

Secure pick up from post office or receipt from third-party courier.


When your mail arrives at our office it is immediately logged into our proprietary tracking system to ensure security and accountability. Each envelope is counted and tracked from time of receipt to export.

Prep & Sort

Opening and extraction of contents. We prepare each and every document for scanning, including the removal of all bindings, staples, paper clips, etc. We also separate the mail based on your specific business rules or needs. For example, mail can be separated by document type (invoices, claims, purchase orders, etc.) or even separated by individual departments within your organization (AP, HR, Administration).

Scan & Document Capture

ICS utilizes top-of-the-line production level scanners from ibml to allow for quick and efficient batch level scanning, reducing downtime and the need for human intervention.

Document Classification & Indexing

ICS’ experienced team of developers will build a Captiva Capture environment for your specific needs. Images can be classified by document type or specified business rules to ensure the data you need is properly extracted. The documents are indexed to so your team can easily search and retrieve the information they need to execute their daily tasks.

Image & Data Export

ICS has the ability to export images and indexed data to leading content management systems, databases, and legacy applications with the support for virtually any file formats. We can also help you set up and manage workflow processes that will help streamline the flow of information through your organization.

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