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Workflow Automation Software Solutions

Any organization tracking a paper document requiring a signature or acknowledgement for any process can benefit from workflow automation. The larger the organization, the more complex the process, the more electronic workflow makes sense.

ICS has extensive experience designing and implementing workflows for invoice processing, medical and dental claims processing, mortgage automation, and other processes that require acknowledgement and signatures.


We begin every engagement by learning about your processes, creating workflow maps, and getting approvals before any software is considered. Since we have years of experience, we can provide frameworks and best practices learned from other organizations. This ensures the processes meet your expectations.


The end result is your processes will operate more efficiently, requiring fewer steps. Your management will be provided better visibility and you will have improved accountability.

Examples of Workflow Automation

Invoice Processing

Item requisition and approval, purchase order creation, vendor quotes, packing list approval, invoice approval and eventual payment.

Medical & Dental Claims Processing

Medical and dental claim documentation capture and automatic routing and approvals.

Mortgage Automation

Capturing all documents for both mortgage underwriting as well as the mortgage itself.

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