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Deposit21 Clearing Services

Deposit21 adds a full suite of electronic payment clearing capabilities to any payment product or process. Deposit21 provides unparalleled corporate payment clearing for check volumes starting at 50,000 items per month at the low end, to over 10 million items per month at the high end. The software license fees are based on peak annual volume and there are no per-item “click charges”.

Benefits of Electronic Payment Clearing

Corporate depositors can reap many benefits from electronic payment clearing, including improved funds availability, faster NSF notification, lower labor costs, lower equipment and supplies costs, reduced transportation costs and later bank deposit cutoff times. Deposit21 helps deliver these benefits and more.



Deposit21 provides a comprehensive set of clearing methods.


  • All the major industry standards are supported, including X9.37 files, X9.100-180 files, NACHA ACH files, and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs). In addition, a growing number of bank-specific proprietary clearing products are fully supported, including pure image cash-letter deposits and blended Check21/ARC deposit offerings.
  • ACH clearing includes a number of features designed to minimize administrative returns, including self-training Onus field account/serial extraction, support for ACH subscription data input files, ACH returns processing and many more.


Robust, Secure Architecture


Electronic payment clearing is a mission-critical application that requires flawless performance and solid security. Deposit21 was designed to & includes:


  • Deals with network transmission delays and failures gracefully
  • Detects the condition, notifying the operators and recovering automatically
  • Maintains full security
  • File encryption
  • Encrypted transmissions
  • Secure repository for managing encryption keys and log-in credentials for accounts with clearing institutions.
  • Fine-grained operator permissions further ensure that both the data and the processes are properly secured
  • Comprehensive testing and test management features allow for safe and controlled implementation of clearing changes

Cost Effective


Multiple electronic clearing methods can be utilized within a single deposit stream, so that each item can be cleared in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Easy to Integrate


Deposit21 has a straight-forward interface for the submission of payment items for clearing. A consistent application interface is used regardless of clearing method, so future changes in clearing decisions or the addition of new clearing methods will not require interface changes. The platform requirements for operating Deposit21 are the de-facto industry standards – Windows Server and SQL Server.


Monitoring and Notification


The Deposit21 software manages and monitors the entire clearing process to ensure reliable and timely deposits. Positive confirmation is sought at each stage of the process, including transmission, receipt and deposit. The Treasury department can rest assured that the company’s deposits will get to the banks. When delays or problems occur during the electronic clearing process, the operations staff is automatically notified via e-mail, pager or an unobtrusive client status bar. Scheduled notifications are also provided to deliver status and reports, such as daily deposit summary totals.

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