ICS Expands Operational Space

ICS Expands Operational Space

ICS is proud to announce that as of 5/1/2018 it has completed the buildout of an additional 750 square feet of operational floor space. Due to the growth of ICS’ Claims Processing and Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Services, ICS had reached a point that extra floor space for production was quickly becoming a scarcity. To continue providing the exceptional service and turn-around time that our customers expect, expansion was a necessity.

Within two months ICS was able to convert 750 square feet (of an existing 1,500 square foot warehouse) into a fully operational and secure production space. This additional space will allow ICS the room to hire in upwards of 16 additional full-time employees to help us better serve our customers and their needs.  This added space will be utilized to help ICS receive, sort, scan, and capture more documents and more claims for our customers. ICS is excited for this growth and the potential it presents for us and our customers moving forward.

During Construction

Completed Space

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