IBML ImageTrac-5400

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IBML ImageTrac-5400

Regarded as IBML‘s most versatile high speed scanners, the powerful ImageTrac 5400 Class scanners provide unique document management, transaction processing benefits for users in a wide range of vertical markets, including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare.

IBML’s ImageTrac 5400 Class of document scanners was built from the ground up for users who require sophisticated transaction and remittance processing and robust in-line tools for business rules processing and document sorting. Available with up to 21 sort pockets, the ImageTrac 5400 document imaging machines provide unmatched in-line intelligence for rules based processing, auto batching, pocket water falling, numerous audit trail options and embedded processes that ensure adherence to business rules during scanning. Enabled with the suite of DocNetics recognition products that provide the flexibility to index documents by reading barcodes, OCR reads, document types and logos from in-line images.



  • Increased productivity across the entire document capture process
  • Business rule job development
  • Faster processing windows
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Reduced document preparation requirements
  • Streamlined operations for advanced processing requirements
  • Ergonomically enhanced

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