Dental Claims Processing FAQ

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Dental Claims Processing FAQ

From Paper to EDI: Streamlining Dental Claims Processing for Payers

Why Choose Dental Claims Processing Software from ICS?

  • Many dental payer organizations have pushed the manual process of data entry to offshore vendors to alleviate higher labor costs, which can present security and turnaround issues
  • ICS Dental Claims Processing Software (with its automation) allows users to perform these capture functions in-house at a reduced labor cost with fewer FTEs


Why Not Build Our Own In-House Dental Claims Solution?

  • There are no economies of scale for one-time only development
  • In-house development projects often take much longer than purchased solutions
  • There is high risk that too few individuals are familiar enough with the system to maintain it over time, and what happens when they leave?


Isn’t an 80% Data Extraction Rate Low for Claims Processing?

An 80% extraction of paper forms is a very good percentage for claims. If these are processed with automation, the overall efficiency is raised dramatically. There will always be special/manual cases to contend with, but personnel have now been freed up.


Can You Handle My Volume of Claims?

Our software has been proven with SLAs for 8,000 forms a day. We know it can scale beyond that with the right equipment.


Will Your Software Integrate with My Line-of-Business System?

The ICS system is built to integrate with many different database LOB backends.


What Are the Steps for Implementing Your Software?

  1. Develop Project Charter
  2. Develop Project Management plan
  3. Collect Requirements
  4. Define Scope
  5. Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  6. Develop Schedule
  7. Develop Communication Plan
  8. Develop Risk Management Plan
  9. Control Schedule


What If We’re Not Ready for Dental Claims Processing Software?

Then you will continue to experience:

  • Low efficiency
  • High risk of noncompliance
  • High labor costs, error rate

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